Vani's Resources


10.01.21: i made this section (about + logs!) look nicer, and i also fixed layout bugs

08.23.21: got a new look! hopefully it's easier to navigate

08.04.21: added some codes. still a major WIP!

07.015.21: added a few resources + links

july 2021: re-made and re-uploaded!

feb. 2021: original crd was deleted when i got bored of it... RIP

jan. 2021: crd was first uploaded! it started originally as only pixels & dividers

1. i don't check this carrd very often but once in a while i come in to dump more pixels / gifs / whatever. the code section is still a huge wip :-)

IMAGES effectsborders

TEXT effects ★ links ★ fonts

OTHER everything else

Image Mask