☾ ; "even if i knew i'd die tomorrow,

i want to remain human until the very end."

stuff to know + boundaries .
➷ i delete my own tweets often for my sanity, please be kind
➷ i try my best to tag sensitive stuff, please let me know if i ever miss anything
➷ aside from when i ask for reassurance, there's no obligation to reply to anything. however i appreciate all interactions regardless, and do my best to reply.
don't share anything on here ever. you're here because i trust you. if i found out you've leaked me i'll hardblock you regardless of who you are, no exceptions.
➷ my borderline makes mental illness moments insufferable, so please just have patience with me. it's harder for me than you i promise

✰ vince's deep private .

this is my getaway space; i use it to vent mostly, but sometimes i feel more comfortable here or i'm too embarassed to post certain things on my main priv

!! - i project onto my sources/kins a lot here, please don't seperate me if you can help it. believe it or not being delusional helps me ground myself

as a general disclaimer, i struggle immensely with suicidal/self-harm ideation. just know as concerning as tweets get, i don't have any intentions to harm myself.